Scott Williamson Has Died Aged 69

Scott Williamson – former chairman of Blackadders Solicitors and past Lord Dean of Guild of the Guildry Incorporation of Dundee – has died aged 69 after being taken ill at his home in Fife.

Past Deacon Convenor, Murray Petrie said, “It is nearly eight years since I became Deacon Convenor and when I took office I was immediately faced with an investigation into the Nine Trades by OSCR.  It was then that Scott Williamson came to our rescue.  Scott in essence held our hands and guided us not only in our dealings with OSCR but held reorganise our governance and constitution.

His sage advices and calm demeanour were invaluable in the first instance with all our dealings with OSCR but more importantly fitting the Nine Trades for its future.  He did all this with little fuss and much good humour.

It is therefore with great sadness that I heard news of his sudden death.  I am glad that on many occasions when I met Scott that I took the opportunity to thank him for all that he had done and acknowledge the debt that I and the Nine owed to him.

Our sincere condolences are due to Dorothy and his family over this tragic loss.”