The Three United Trades

The Three United Trades represents the “building trades” of Dundee and are an ancient body whose very existence is symbolised by the many historic buildings in old and modern Dundee.

Without the building trades, these buildings, their associated histories, and the history of the City would not exist.

Consisting of the mason, wrights (joiners), and slaters, this group of businesses tended to be somewhat itinerant in nature, as they followed the work available to set up sites both in and beyond the City walls. As a result, whilst each of the three skills operated within their own sectors, and followed the rules set down by their own skills’ predecessors, they all joined together to form what became known as The Three United Trades in 1741 and still lives on today, albeit in a merely ceremonial but respectful capacity. The remaining members, however, believe passionately about keeping the traditions and heritage of this great body alive for generations to come.