The Guildry of Dundee

From as early as 1526 until the reorganisation of Scottish local government in 1975, the Dean of Guild was a member of the Town Council occupying an important and influential position.

Indeed, the Dean of Guild Court acted as a planning authority for the construction of new buildings or the reorganisation of existing buildings within the confines of the old Burgh boundaries. When Dundee achieved City status in 1889 the title of Dean of Guild was amended to that of Lord Dean.

The Guildry of Dundee, originally a mercantile association, has, over the years, developed into a charitable organisation. Nowadays, with a membership approaching 200, The Guildry Incorporation of Dundee continues to uphold the traditions of the City with The Lord Dean playing a prominent part in its ceremonial life. With its strong social, commercial and academic links, to promote the interests of Dundee and its citizens. In association with the Education Department and Dundee’s universities, The Guildry continue to organise educational competitions geared towards the City, its development and history and dispense charitable bursaries and prizes.