A Dyer is one who dyes, especially one who dyes cloth as an occupation, a trade that has a long history.

The Dyer Incorporation into the Nine Trades was in 1693 and although the trade itself has changed and evolved over the years, it nearly came to and end until in 1996 when it was decided to create an open craft.

Now the Craft continues to increase its membership whilst maintaining the integrity of its original aims and objectives.

Today the Craft is busy supporting very worthy local causes and is looking forward to a future at least as long and valuable in our proud City as it has over the last seven hundred years or more.

Above: Members of the Dyer trade at a dinner in 2019.

History of the Dyers

The Dyers, ninth in the nine incorporated trades, were never a large body, but have always played an important part in this textile town’s affairs.

The Craft’s history goes back to antiquity, but it was recognised as an organised trade in 1590 and this was ratified by an act of the town council in 1619.

Towards the end of the 17th Century, the Dyers formed links with the Waulker Craft, who were Fullers or Finishers of the cloth which was made in Dundee. At the time, the Waulkers were the ninth of the nine trades.

As time went by, both Dyers and Waulkers saw the wisdom of strength in numbers and in common purpose, and so they became a combined incorporation in May 1693. Hence the Dyers became one of the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee.

This was formalised by a Charter under the great seal of Scotland from King William and Queen Mary in 1694. The three estates – comprising the heads of the Church, the Peerage and the Commons, ratified this in the following year.

The Lockit Book, dating before 1582 is now used by The Dyers. It contains names of Fellow Craftsmen, going back over 400 years.

As the textile industry receded in Dundee, so did the working members of the craft until in 1996, only a few remained.

It was agreed that the Craft become an open one, to receive as members, people of goodwill, of a charitable nature, preferably working with colour in a broad sense, and with an interest in the history of Dundee. Today the Dyer Craft has over 60 members and continues to play a very active part of the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee.

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Supported by The Dyers

Each trade supports a number of charities and good causes. The good causes that the Dyers fund are:

Office Holders

  • Deacon

    Steve Flack

    Steve is a local businessman. His background is based in animation, film and TV and before retiring he was a senior lecturer and Head of the School of Media Arts & Imaging  at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee

  • Boxmaster

    Wendy Maltman

    Wendy Maltman was the first Lady Clerk to be appointed in the history of The Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee. As Boxmaster & Clerk, Wendy continues to establish her place in the Trades history books.

  • Clerk

    Wendy Maltman

    Wendy  is the Founder and Creative Director of The Malting House Design Studio.

    A prize-winning, honours graduate of leading design school, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Wendy has made it her ambition to champion the benefits of good design.