Glover Craft Historic Walk

The Glovers went on a historic walk around Broughty Ferry. It was let by the local historian and lifetime resident Charlie Webster. We started out a the Fisherman’s Graveyard seeing the “deed hoose” where fishermen were laid out prior to burial. We made our way through many centuries and a number of the oldest building and ended up at Barometer Cottage. Many fisher lives had been saved due to its accurate reading, We heard tails of the  Mona Disaster where in  the early hours of the 8th of December, 1959, the Broughty Ferry life-boat was launched  after a distress message  was issues that that the North Carr lightvessel had broken adrift. We retired to  the Fort Hotel to go over these tales and have something to eat. It was a great night, and we all learned a lot about Broughty Ferry.