Dundee Tapestry Exhibition

The Dundee Tapestry is a community project highlighting meaningful moments of the city’s history, told through the medium of stitching. Facilitated by the Weavers Incorporation of Dundee, the tapestry hopes to ignite connectedness in the City of Discovery. There are 8 connected themes over 35 one square metre panels covering: Dundee’s Industry, Dundee’s’ Communities, Dundee’s Woman, Dundee’s Education, International Dundee, Creative Dundee, Dundee’s Nature and Dundee’s Culture. This project got underway in October 2021 and since then 100’s of people have taken part to stitch there little piece of history into the tapestry.  From Saturday 20th January till Sunday 28th April the Dundee Tapestry will be on show at the V&A Dundee and we encourage as many members of the Nine Trades to show their support.