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Since the 16th century at least nine trades have advanced the interests of trade and the trades persons in the city of Dundee. At that time the electorate was essentially divided into two groups: the Merchants and the Tradesmen. Regulations required for the trades to look after the poor and sick and laid down standards to control the price of goods and the quality of the workmanship.

The craft incorporations were led by a Deacon Convener, a position that is still held today.

Nowadays we exist as a group of incorporated socially conscious community organisations who keep our individual heritage alive and raise money for charitable causes.

We give out c£100k p.a. to mainly educational initiatives and to support the arts, heritage, culture and people in need.

We favour projects that respond to a well-researched and clear need, provide intervention based on evidence of what works, are able to demonstrate value for money and have a clear understanding of short-term effects and long-term impact of the intervention they propose.

Generally, we value projects that develop, expand and replicate a tried and tested approach but we are also interested in supporting creative solutions to problems which seem to be entrenched and elude resolution.

Our funding priorities:

  • The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science to include support appropriate to the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee
  • The advancement of citizenship or community development
  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of religion
  • The advancement of health

What we do not fund, generally:

  • Individuals or Grant making charities
  • Loans and deficits
  • Staff salaries
  • Endowments
  • Retrospectively, i.e. costs already incurred prior to receiving a decision from us

When to apply:

We operate a rolling programme and applications are considered every three months.

Application form for our grant programme

Please ensure that you are eligible to apply, and do not appear on the list of exclusions. If you are at all in doubt, please contact: before submitting an application.

  • Tell us about your organisation

  • 1. Organisation details

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  • 2. People involved in your organisation

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  • Direct Beneficiaries

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  • 3. Work with children, young people or vulnerable adults

  • 4. Measures in place

  • 5. Your group

    Ensure that your answer includes;

    • Examples of the range of your work
    • Where you deliver these services.

  • Tell us about your project

  • 6. Key aims & project description

  • Please provide us with a description of the project you are requesting funding for, and ensure that your answer includes the following:

    • What need your work is addressing and how you know that there is a need for this work
    • Details on the project delivery (including any partnership or collaborative work)
    • Beneficiary numbers for this project
    • What you hope to achieve and your plans for monitoring and evaluating the project

  • Tell us how you are funding it

  • 7. Level of funding

  • Funding sourceAmount applied forDate decision dueOutcome: have you received a decision. If so how much have you been awarded? 
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  • 8. Timing

  • Declaration

  • I confirm that I am authorised to commit my organisation to the points contained within this application. In addition, the organisation authorises the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee, to:

    • publish details of the organisation and the financial support provided by the Nine Trades
    • pass any details obtained about the organisation through this application or subsequent assessment procedures or reports to external agencies, including other grant-making bodies
    • use such information as part of any survey or evaluation undertaken by the Nine Trades
    • publish details as part of any press release or publication

    In signing this form, I confirm the above statements are true and that all the information provided in this application is correct. I understand that if any of the information I have provided is later found to be false or misleading, any subsequent offer(s) of funding, or agreed staged payments, may be suspended or withdrawn

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  • Data Protection

    In submitting this form you are confirming that any individuals identified in your application have given you their agreement and permission to pass any personal information to the Nine Trades. Personal information will be held in accordance with the Trust’s Privacy Policy which can be found at on this website.

    Privacy Policy

    The Nine Trades will use the information that you have provided to us for the purposes of assessing your application, managing or monitoring any grant awarded, related administration or research purposes, and may share relevant information with other organisations to use in their own assessment of applications and managing or monitoring grants.

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